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This project began, in NYC. I was setting up a marketing agency, in Boston. I wanted the location to be there, and I was to get new business, in NYC, for the project. A man with a big network, in Boston, agreed to be on the board and we met at his office, in Boston. Our first location, was to be out of his office. 


 I had a test project for Boots international and a few others. It was a good team. We had a call about a potential first client, through the board member. 

Days later, I was hearing voices,


 I started to hear the sound of people sending out mass emails. Hearing voices is distressing, to say the least.  I told my partners, to protect them from defamation, we need to stop the project. I took them out of the situation.


At this point, I thought mass emails were going out. Now, I think that was an illusion of sorts, set up to create stress for me, on a loosching platform that Scientology run. The platform is set up to make people suffering, using loosching implants. I was sacrificed to the technology, at that time.

I decided to still try to build an agency but to focus on a global brand to protect us from defamation, in the USA.


The voices were tormenting at this point, but I continued. I worked with an Indian partner on creating a platform, a community for fashion that was inclusive. 

I had worked with a friend, in Boston, and a friend in Hawaii on prototypes for hand bags and we planned to design a line. It included silk bomber jackets, with a mix of colors. Then, burning guitars shot up.


I had 12 stores, on the Upper West Side, waiting to get on the global fashion grid platform. I had a retainer out to a brand, in Africa. I set up an instagram and started to build campaigns. For a while a friend of mine helped, and did a few of them. We had the attention of Zac Posen and list of celebrities. It was just simple flip and video and music. But, it was different, 10 year's ago.

I had about 12 product ideas for the brand, also.

The harassment progressed from voices to rape, mugging, three attempts on my life. Being detained for a year, in prison. I am still dealing with it.

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