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I am hearing voices since I rented at Stonehenge Properties, in NYC. I am not in the spiritual industry and never will be. I wrote a website to record what happened to me. As it happened, because i am after 18 head injuries. so, I have cognitive challenges with memory. But, these women below seem to be competing with my description of my own personal harassment? They are competing with it. 


Today, i hear a 20 year old Angie, who hears voices. She is a stranger. She has an account called the nasty vegan. She is mocking me all day. this is going on for years. We have no link. i hear her chanting witchcraft.

I hear a Dervilla Griffin mocking me and saying I just took "heart of gold" out of her field and put "nail biters" back in. She is on instagram listed as an "advanced shaman". Feng Shui Matters. She is a woman who is friendly with a Sharon Quigley. I reached out to a healing website and i am being harassed since. Mum and I brought this Sharon person expensive crystal studded wine glasses and as I walked away i heard "let's use the glasses for witchcraft, tonight". I was giving her gifts to say thank you for talking to me.  I got suspicious when she said my friend Dervilla wants you to know that a monster is next to your head about to bite it?  She told Sharon to tell me this? 


The next time i saw her I gave her two expensive bottles of wine, kelp vitamins, food, I paid for gas (40 Euros) and I paid her friend 400 Euros. A healer and he said "All i see is dead fetus and used condoms.. His name is Charlie Macquire. he grabbed my mouth and twisted my lips around.... then, I heard "Now let's tell Gail told her everything she knows and let's use her content for a book.."..I am being harassed by this Dervilla Griffin, since. All day.

i hear a Laura Sweeney. She is a stranger who I built  a resume for and gave her money. She said she had no money for food. She worked at here's health. So, I gave her what I had.  I can hear her doing hypnosis since. All day. Repeating Laura Sweeney owns your soul. Her twin immolated herself, in London. She killed herself. I have reported this to Scotland yard and to Borris Johnson. laura said she was mentally ill? She then said, "you remind me of helen, gifted" and I am dealing with her since. She tried to convince me that my father is a dangerous paedophile? She told me to go to a Rajindar and he said Dad will go to prison, but he will be raped there, so it is not a good idea to let that happen. So, email the radio stations about him raping you, especially Niall Prendevile.  Rajindar said he rips the fields off of people if they cross him.








I smell what a female voice is saying is a dead body. And  hear a man masturbating. 

Now, I hear them speaking of hypnotizing my cousin who is a guard... 

I also hear Julie Maloney. She is a hypnotist, In Ireland.  Another hypnotist I am dealing with is Pat Noone. I was buying a gift at the Amber shop in Galway. He walked up to me and begged me to do the ring healing. He begged me and eventually said I will do it for free, what do you have to lose? so, I went up to the room, he did a healing and i left him 20 Euros, anyway. I proceeded to send him envelopes of 250 Euros, up to 1,500 Euros until I was in a hospital. I don't know why I did it? When, I said "I shouldn't have done that". He said, "ah well".

Now I hear dervilla Griffin "We put Oonagh's thoughts into the serial killers head and his thoughts into hers and we hypnotize him to murder. It is perfect. She can smell the dead bodies..the police can never pin it on us", " he is protected by us so police will never arrest him, in NYC, always not enough evidence even though he is a person of interest in a number of murders". "He is protected by the druids"... "uncontrollably masturbating about Oonagh for years. He is our little hypnosis project".

Dervilla Griffin: "Oonagh has sex for a living, but just was hypnotized to do it... bursting laughing"

A female "Oonagh is a barran 50 year old bitch, anything she does is yesterday's news to 20 year olds. right dervilla, she is like the CD player of other people...?"

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